viernes, 2 de septiembre de 2016

Justin TIME

¿Ya hay Gobierno?
¿Ya han encajado las piezas?


Young (& Colbie Caillat)Puzzle Pieces
Puzzle Pieces (2012)

CurrieBend To My Will
Lower Reaches (2013)

BieberLove Yourself
Purpose (2015)

Townes EarleCall Ya Momma
Absent Fathers (2015)

Fustenfeld (Blue October)Home
Home (2016)

Kinda Don't Care (2016)

TimberlakeCan't Stop The Feeling!
Can't Stop The Feeling! (2016)

Vernon (Bon Iver)33 "GOD"
22, A Million (2016)

WellsGoing Down Grinnin'
Dawn in the Distance (2016)

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