lunes, 3 de diciembre de 2018

Mujeres esenciales de 2018 (2/4)

Mujeres 2018 I

Elle KingShake the Spirit (Good Thing Gone)
Emily DuffMr. Dollar & a Dime (Mr. Dollar & a Dime)
FaelandAll My Swim (We're Just a Love Song)
Gretchen PetersDancing with the Beast (Disappearing Act)
H.C. McEntireLionheart (Quartz in the Valley)
Haley HeynderickxI Need to Start a Garden (Oom Sha La La)
Jess and MattSongs from the Village (Leaving On a Jet Plane)
Karen JonasButter (My Sweet Arsonist)
Kelly WillisBack Being Blue (Back Being Blue)

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